The Quantum Academy, Inc.

Per Ardua Ad Alta

Greater Heights are Achieved Through Hardwork





1.   Clear copy of NSO authenticated birth certificate

2.   Previous level’s report card; no failing or incomplete grade in any subject.

3.   Certificate of good moral character from the previous school; no disciplinary sanction.

4.   Permit to study/student visa/certification from the Bureau of Immigration (foreign students).

5.   Incoming Grade 1 and Grade 2 pupils must pass the Quantum Oral Reading Assessment.


Additional Requirements:



 Nursery-must be 4 yrs. old by June 
 Kindergarten-must be 5 yrs. old by June 



Grade 1    

-6 yrs. old by June

Grades 2 to 6

-see requirements above.



Grades  7-10                                             

High school students and those from foreign schools and distance education/home schooling: Acceptance of transferees will depend on the evaluation of all DepEd required subjects and units earned from previous school/s (for both foreign and local students)

-Choosing class sections or sessions is based on the date of enrollment, not on reservation.

-Postdated checks should be given to the cashier upon enrollment.

-Checks are payable to THE QUANTUM ACADEMY. No out of town checks are accepted. 


Textbooks Payment: Textbooks or e-books are non-refundable and paid in full upon distribution. Pre-school to Grade 4 pupils are not allowed to use e-books.

Withdrawal/Transfer of Student after Enrollment or During the School Year:   

A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws in writing within the first week of the school year is charged 10% regardless of whether or not he has actually attended classes; 50% is charged if student withdraws or transfers within the first semester; and  100% is charged if the student leaves within the second semester of the school year. The charged amount is based only on the tuition fee. Miscellaneous fees are non-refundable.


 Reservation Fee: (Non-refundable; non-transferable; deductible on the fees)
 New student P 7,000.00
 Old student P 5,000.00